Im doing a simple rp gamemode, and I want to remove the Sandbox school and make that when the player press “F1”, it opens the menu.

How do I disable the F1 menu and how do I make the “DFrame” appears when we press F1?

[lua]function GM:ShowHelp()
umsg.Start( “DermaHelp”, ply )

Then on the client:
[lua]function DermaMenu()
usermessage.Hook( “DermaHelp”, DermaMenu )

Basicly override the GM function and send a usermessage to your client function.

Because of a internet fail error, I cant see the first code…

EDIT: Its ok, just downloaded google chrome


Its not working…

Please try to be more specific.

… is unlikely to get you very far.

I mean that when im pressing f1, it appears the gmod school.

I think its because of my gamemode that is shitting up.