F2 on a mac?

What key is equal to F2 on a mac.

F2 is gm_showteam command.

Wonder so I can add in game mac support.

Erm, what?

F2 on a mac would be… F2

This topic alone is worth preserving to further prove that someone can spend $1000 on a computer and not know where the F2 key is.

I had a player join my server saying he has a mac and doesn’t have an F2. I haven’t been around a mac in 6 years so…

There’s F1-F12.

sounds like a troll


It is like this because the Mac has the F1-F12 keys for brightness and sound bullshit.

Sounds like an idiot actually.

You can always change it so those keys are not mapped to that, and you have to press the fn button to do the brightness shit.

You were raised perfectly fine.