F2 Options bugged out

I have the weirdest thing happening with my option bars, and I want to know if anyone else was able to solve this. And I would appreciate some help.
Last couple of days whenever I would try to lower the volume ingame for call purposes, the bar would automatically slide up to max.
Not just that, but other bars would also move up while I try to lower the rest. So for example, when I moved to different option tabs, I would get max graphic settings or be stuck on max sensitivity.
It can’t even be an issue with the keyboard because 2 setting bars move while I am moving a totally separate one.

Note: None of my keyboard keys or mouse buttons are stuck pressed in.

Thanks in advance.

what mode are you playing in? fullscreen/borderless window/windowed ?

It is window mode.

Also, when in crafting window, sometimes when clicking anywhere on the menu you can see craft items highlighted one at a time from top till bottom.
So it’s almost like there’s some scroll/Tab effect on items. And again, 100% sure it’s nothing to do with the keyboard/mouse.