F2S: Classic

Free and probably better in case of perfomance copy of F2S: Stronghold.


I’m not working on this gamemode anymore, but I decided to release that because it would give no profit just lying somewhere on my HDD, right?
This isn’t 100% copy so far. Code was written from scratch so if you have some mods/addons/plugins for stronghold, they won’t work with this gamemode until you port them.

If you are owner of some community and have some coder-friend, you can offer him some job:
I started adding “maniac” class (for more info read entities/weapons/chainsaw.lua) but have not finished it.
Also if you find some (CODE, NO MODELLING) way to fix frankenstein fingers for L4D2 weapons or any other fixes for some bugs or
want me to add something YOU HAVE DONE to official release, please, contact me on Steam.









Dark Herald
CSPSpy // modelsnshitfromCW

Digital Insanity

Download (SVN):

Message for RoaringCow:
Your gamemode is that unoptimized so i get ~5-17 fps on my laptop (i3, gt 630m, 4gb ddr3 1333mhz are you serious)


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wait, I have problem.
What is Error loading gamemode: !InVlidGamemode ?

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Fixed. But, game mode is not running.
+gamemode “classic”
Is not?

Do just +gamemode classic

I apologize ahead of time to mods because I know this isn’t exactly a nice post, but…

You are kidding yourself right?

You honestly believe that Stronghold, which I wrote 90% of, not Cow, is an unoptimized piece of crap? I mean, maybe Cow crapped it up a bit after I told him to shove it, but have you even seen the code?

I heavily doubt you have, but I noticed that your cl_skin is a blatant copy of mine and you just changed the author name. Technically that is plagiarism especially due to the license that was in the gamemode.

Normally I wouldn’t stick my head out for anything related to Cow, but Stronghold was actually one of the very few projects I actually finished and finished well.

This is a sad attempt at copying a well made gamemode and after looking at your code I can tell that you clearly have no idea what you are talking about and just tried to gain some fame off someone else’s work.

At least have some decency to add me to the credits and remove your filthy name off my cl_skin.lua.

cl_skin diff:


cl_skin.lua is removed now.
cl_skin.lua is not copy, it’s original file from stronghold that i extracted from lua cache.
I’m sorry about re-naming, i wanted to see the color variables, but i stopped working on gamemode before i did it and forgot about removing that before releasing this.

This gamemode isn’t 100% copy of stronghold, as i didn’t aim to do so.

Stronghold isn’t made well so far. Stronghold looks like it can be run on low-end computers, but its effects lag my laptop so hard and i get ~5-17 fps on medium settings, while having 50 fps in l4d2, tf2 or css.

I’m not trying to get any fame from other people’s content, this gamemode was planned to be run just on a single server, but that server was not popular at all because it was running unique gamemode. And as you know, garry’s serverbrowser shows servers like that at the bottom of it.

Unpopularity - is the reason of the release.

That’s all.

Well, his GM still look better than yours.

Couldn’t change active gamemode - ‘classic’ not found
Please help!

any gamemode is require lua.

but this gamemode is no include lua file…

tip. pls show your svn update log :slight_smile:

I don’t found shared.lua.
Svn update log has not problem.

You need to create a directory “gamemode/classic/” and run SVN update there.

Not problem… Can you send mail me ?(with shared.lua)

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This file has shared.lua ?

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please say for me.

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:frowning: i so sad.

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I want play this gamemode!

try this:

SVN Update -> Show log… -> Show All -> Deleted files shared.lua dubleclick and copy

if you can send shared.lua file, here is my email.

Ohh, it was added to the repository now. For some reason it was not uploaded during last commit O_o

A gamemode only needs init and cl_init to run, shared is optional.

All three are optional really, in theory you could cram the whole thing into shared, no?

A gamemode only needs init.lua to run, except you wouldn’t have any clientside stuff.
Which is why you add shared.lua and cl_init.lua in init.lua.
Init.lua is the only file that is autorunned at gamemode start.

I put up a server so I could test it with my friends. Its pretty fun I must say.

cl_init.lua is ran automatically on client too, same as init.lua on server.

I’m saying a gamemode would only require one file to function.