F2S: Stronghold Entity Render Issue

So a buddy and I are working on a special entity for F2S: Stronghold, but it doesn’t seem to be rendering. The shadow will show up, but the entity itself won’t. We don’t get errors either.

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EDIT: Added image

Did you overwrite ENT:Draw and not add: self:DrawModel( )?

Can I ask one thing, why have you censored the entity name? Its not like we can hack your server with it, and mind posting the code for the entity?

I just don’t want servers stealing my ideas, it’s happened before. I’ll try the first guy’s idea and if it doesn’t work then I will.

hello, steve jobs

thanks for posting the code so we can help you! :downs:

Ideas are 100% mine and nobody else can have them because they have an “I” in them
right guys

Hey look, it’s cool man BFG