F4 Menu extra entities?

So for some reason the following things are in my F4 Menu, Small Bag, Medium Bag, Storage Crate and suitcase? I have no idea what they are / how to remove them, If someone could tell me how to remove them i would be for ever greatful!

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Please can someone help me, I’ve managed to add printers but I can’t find “Bags or Crates or even cases?”

Do you have any inventory based addons installed? If so, check their lua for the code below, it could be an inventory addon adding those 4 entities to your F4 via the “other” category.

go to addons/darkrpmodification/lua/darkrpcustomthings/shipments.lua

Below you’ll see code beginning with

DarkRP.createShipment("". {
model = “”,
entity = “”,
price = ,
amount = ,
seperate = ,
noship = ,
category = “”,

So, look for the entities in this lua, you’ll see something like
entities = “storagebox”,

You need to delete these 4 shipments from the shipments lua, save and restart server.


Another thing you could try is going to your

Now you’re NOT meant to edit this file however, check that lua to see if the storagebox and case are inside there, if they are, just delete them, save and restart.

The error was found about 7 AM last night, There was an addon called “DarkRP Inventory”, This addon creates crates and things into f4 menu but this does not actually work, It just makes boxes that create lua errors.