F4 Menu help - Icons!

Hello Facepunch

I’ve recently decided to remake the old f4 menu into darkrp, while doing so i’m coming through a little trubble myself as I’m a little rusty to gLua. You’ll be able to see in the picture below as to how the icons are suppose to be underneath each other, they should be a row of 6 per line.

Image: http://prntscr.com/gniavb
Code in which makes the icons.

// I’m unsure on how to make it 6 icons per line, any help?
for k, v in pairs( RPExtraTeams ) do
local icon = vgui.Create(“SpawnIcon”, tab2panel)
icon:SetModel( v.model[1] )

	icon.DoClick = function()
		RunConsoleCommand("say", "/".. v.command) -- sets the players team when icons is clicked.



Your help will be greatly appreciated, thanks!

DListView is something you’re going to use a lot when making a scoreboard and I think it is relevant in what you are trying to accomplish.

Okay, thanks!

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Do you know how to actually draw over SpawnIcons?

Detour Paint inside spawnicon


Thank you!!!