F4 menu not coming up! please help :)

hey guys!

Im having a bit of a problem…

When people join my darkrp server the menu doesnt show up :frowning:

And it does for me. But when i delete my darkrp in gamemodes, it doesnt work for me either :frowning:

Id really appreciate it if someone told me what was goin on.

Also, if i used the resource.add thing and set to downlaod directory would that work?


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Thanks for the advice.
But back on topic, can anyone help?

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Thanks for banning him. Because I don’t want this going off topic :frowning:

Can anyone help?

Do you use the svn version. Is the darkrp folder in your gamemode folder, not your addons.

Thats because there is no darkrp so he can’t get the files to you. Nor to your friends.

You need to rebind the key, something like “bind f4 showmenu3”

I know that command is most likley wrong, check in the lua section, would you?


It’s one of those.

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Because it’s a public internet forum…

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F4 is ShowSpare2