f4 Menu Problem

I try pressing f4 ( For me fn + f4 ) but the menu that normally comes up will not come up… I have even reset all keys to default but still does not come up, is there a console key bind I can do to make it work again?

I’m guessing you use a laptop seeing as you’re using function keys, so a potential solution could be to attempt to rebind your function keys ( f1, f2, f3 & f4 ).

ShowHelp --F1
ShowTeam --F2
ShowSpare1 --F3
ShowSpare2 --F4

These are the default bindings for each key and these are what will you will need to rebind in order to use the keys ( given they are all not working, if they are, don’t rebind them )

To rebind a key, input the following into console

bind <key> <command>

An example of this, to rebind your f4 key to ‘p’, would be

bind p "ShowSpare2" 

Hope this helps.