F4 Weapons Tab.

So, I am a super noob and I can’t figure out how to remove that one tab. One of our coders screwed up and added EVERY M9K Weapon there. Any way I can remove the tab?

Simple way: Place // in front of whatever includes it in the code. (May Give Unpredictable Results)

It’s kind of super easy. ^The above solution may ruin your life and cause a bunch of errors.
Could you perhaps link us some of the code so we can try and help you out? Otherwise we’ll just be throwing darts in the dark and wont be getting anywhere.

My dart wouldve probably hit someone in the face…but I like to live dangerously

What menu is that?

Please stop giving random advice that doesn’t even relate or is not helping the matter. I’m not trying to be rude, but there’s been a track-record so far:

My post on here wasnt random advice. I have no code to go off of so that was all I could think of at the moment.

Then ask for code. Saying to “randomly comment out code related to it” doesn’t solve anything.

It could, but sorry…Ill think a little harder before posting :confused:

Blah Blah Code Blah Blah. I wan’t to remove the entire tab. As I put in the main post, it has every m9k weapon in that Tab. So, Putting “//” Would take hours.

People have asked you to link some code so we can help you better.

Oh and code_gs, it’s the Elite F4 Menu

I keep on forgetting to just say go to coderhire -.-

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If it’s a Coderhire addon, then contact the author Dedpool.

I highly doubt it wouldn’t have a config option to disable tabs

According to your picture, you’re a gun dealer.

How the fuck are you supposed to buy the weapons if you disable the weapons tab?

Everything you add that is a weapon, or shipment shows up ON THE WEAPONS TAB FOR PURCHASE.

If “every m9k weapon” shows up on that tab, then it means you added every m9k weapon to your shipments.lua file.

Why would you want to remove the weapons tab? It’s darkrp…you need weapons :stuck_out_tongue:

You can added the teams that are allowed to buy the shipments, if you want. (If that is your problem :P)

But if you really don’t want any weapons on the server, contact the maker of the f4 menu, seeing how it’s coderhire.