FA:S 2.0 weapon addon small/medium fix.

Hey whats up guys, I have a small/medium problem with FA:S 2.0 weapon addon. The problem is that the weapons when they are shot, no matter what weapon it is, they make the gunshot noise accross the whole server. For example gunshots from the other side of the map are heard full force from every gun around the whole server. Does someone know a fix for this or can someone rite me up a code to fix this please, it is really disrupting the game play of my server. Thanks in advance guys. =D =D


Don’t bump like that. You should wait at least 24 hours or something, people can’t instantly reply to you for multiple reasons.

Sorry for my first bump not too long after I posted, I honestly don’t know why I did that so early, but anyways, here is a bump as I need help with this problem if possible. =D =D. Thanks in advance again guys, appreciate all the help. =D =D

FA:S hasn’t been worked on since last year. Try M9k weapons or Customizable Weaponry.

Regardless of not being worked on I’m sure people here can help me with this problem. FA:S 2.0 is a great weapon pack. I’m going to continue to hope on this thread getting attention. The problem I’m having is a pretty big server problem with the noises. Once again, thanks in advance with all you help guys. =D =D


Those 3 are the main ‘decent looking’ weapon packs around that I’m aware of. I’ll agree that FAS/M9k code is hot garbage.

Go into the main FA:S addon:
∟ weapons
∟ fas2_base
∟ shared.lua

Go to line ~858, and change the first number after ‘self.FireSound’ to like, 65.

Thanks zombine, your fix works. Thanks again everyone. =D =D

Don’t ever recommend anyone M9K, jesus fucking christ it’s already a huge problem that so many servers use it, it has absolutely no prediction so anything above 100 ping causes it to break, recommend Customizable Weaponry 2 or something.