FA:S 2 problem with weapon switching

I’ve noticed that you are not able to change your weapons when pulling out an FA:S 2 weapon until its animation has finished. (Also when holstering) -> No fast weaponswitching possible
Is there a way to fix / prevent / disable this?

I also tried to contact the creator but he instantly blocked me on steam … i dont know why.

Thanks in advance!

This will probably break horribly, but you could perhaps comment everything in SWEP:Holster and just add return true

I guess that is not a good idea.

I think FAS:2 plays animation with those functions:


Are they blocking weapon switching?

No, weapon switching is blocked because false is returned in SWEP:Holster, and a timer is created to manually switch to the desired weapon. Commenting everything and just returning true should allow for instant switching without doing stuff like playing the holstering animation

Okay but what is with equipping it?
You cannot switch your weapons while its equipping. (Found the holster stuff)

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Sry I got it now, big thanks to Shenesis!