FA:S Ammo don't work...

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So, i have this DarkRP Server. Any when i buy my FA:S Ammo, i can pick it up. But i dont get anything added into my clip/any rounds. Any one had this same problem? Or a solution for this??

I do not get any errors in the console. Here is one of the ammo codes. And it is in the ammo.lua not the entities.lua, because of it not showing up in the entities list, i modified it so that it worked in the ammo list, but it doesen’t… :confused:

This isn’t the help section…

Although it sure would be great if there was some magic website where you could type your question into and it would spit out a bunch of possible answers. -_-

But, i have already tried to search it serveral times!! And guess what… If i had found something helpfull, i would not be here.

You clearly didn’t look very hard as the first website in that google search gives you the answer.

However if you are not satisfied with that method you could also use the one found on the second result of that page.

So yeah, you tried real hard to find a solution to your problem in that you didn’t try at all.

I am not sure why you even came to this forum with a DarkRP question since it has it’s own forums.
In a preemptive measuer, assuming you will come back saying those links didn’t help. Here’s an explaination. You are trying to add ammo types that do not exist in Gmod. https://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Default_Ammo_Types
You will either have to add the FAS ammotypes to the game or put the FAS ammo from the pack as entities not ammo.

I Came across 2 of them, but none of them worked. But thank you for trying :slight_smile: