FA:S Ammo problem

Is there anyways to edit FA:S code and shows the ammo on the side of the gun like the old FA:S weapons had.

I don’t think FA:S ever had that. Think it was just Customizable Weaponry.

FA:S Used to have a white ammo thing on the side of the weapon when you reload it. Now it is gone and when you change to semi it used to say semi on the side.

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See this used to be the old one now they don’t have it

Contact the author then. Nothing we can do.

While I was converting this for TTT I noticed it in fas2_base/cl_hud.lua
Check there.

FA:S still has it on the side of the weapon when you reaload… try reinstalling it.

Edit: If you read the commands that it came with you would have seen that it has one called fas2_nohud setting it to 1 will disable it.

Is it in a file? If so list the file it is in.

I just did.

Can you like do this for example. FA:S Misc/lua/(ect).
So it helps me find the file faster/better?
Like the starting folder till the end of it.

I see why you can’t find them. All of the weapons run on the same base in the main FAS alpha packs the base is not included in the other 6 packs. Look in the main pack for the base in the same directory I’ve given you.

I’m sorry, I am a lil confused. Could you like give instructions like. Go to Fas misc then go to lua, ect.

Download the main pack here

Extract it.

Then go to the directory FAS20/lua/weapons/fas2_base/cl_hud.lua (the first directory name may not be it but you know what I mean.)