FA:S Weapon Ammo

So I am editing the FA:S weapons to have 1 ammo box for each type of weapon, sniper, assault rifle, pistol, shotgun. But after I create the entities It doesn’t create the ammo, if that makes sense. So what I am inferring is that there is another file that has the names of entities that creates them other than the actual entities folders. Can anyone help me in figuring out what the issue is?

any help?

More info, im confused

So… the entity is created but you aren’t getting the ammo from the entity? Is that what you’re trying to say?

Can’t believe I’m actually able to help here. Lol. But basically use darkrp modification and instead of making in the ammo.lua make it as an entity in the entities tab. Sure it won’t spawn in the ammo tab but it works! I tried for at least a month, this was the only fix! For some reason fas2 doesn’t like ammo