FA:S Weapon Shipments

Hey all, would anyone have the FA:S Weapons Shipments they could link me to pastebin or just paste them in the comment section! That’d be amazing!

Weapons Shipment?

For DarkRP?

Yeah weapon shipments for darkrp <333

There is not a shipment addon or default thing that comes for F:AS for shipments. You have to put them in the shipments.lua file specifically to buy shipments. Try to refer to this, http://wiki.darkrp.com/index.php/DarkRP:CustomShipmentFields. To find the entities, what i like doing is starting gmod up in singleplayer and right clicking the weapon and click copy to clipboard. (or you can open up Gmad converter and opening the workshop file and looking for the entity. Not suggested if you don’t know what you are doing with gmad though) Then you paste what you have in to the entity line.