Fable Anniversary + DLC models request.

Hey there, fellow Facepunchers. I’ve got a small request here.

I’ve been looking into Fable Anniversary’s setup since it was released to see whether it would be possible to extract content from the game, and the game apparently runs on Unreal Engine 3. Since I don’t have a copy of the game or its DLC to extract from, would anyone here who does happen to have the game and its DLC mind giving me a hand with extracting the weapons (and maybe a few armor/clothing sets) from the game? If it helps at all, I don’t need them to be compiled for use in GMod, I just want the extracted models and textures for a personal project.

I’ve got the game and I have it extracted. The meshes and textures are scattered in the files though so it’s a pain to locate what you need. Nevertheless, make a list and I’ll see what I can find.

Jack of Blades

Even though we got one already, seemed poorly made and was from the old game, so yeh.

Well, I’m mainly looking for all of the melee weapons, to say the least. I don’t really know how many are actually in the game, but I know there was a decent amount to begin with, and a small handful more of them added in from the DLCs that were added in. As for the armor/clothing, I’m mainly looking at the different plate armors, the black graduate uniform, the red prophet uniform, the Aeon’s Armour, and the Peirate’s outfit.

I know it seems like a lot, and I agree that it is, but I don’t have a copy of the game to do this on my own. I also don’t know if it’s okay to ask you for the files that actually contain the models and textures so I can do this on my own, so I’m thankful for the help.

Just a friendly bump to avoid having this get buried.

Dragbody, if this helps you avoid having to sort through everything yourself, would you consider packing everything you’ve extracted so far and sending it my way? Or would that be asking too much?

Katra - Everything extracts with a single batch file. So sending what I have means packing up several GBs of shit to send over. There’s no choice but for me to sort it myself. Just gonna take time. It won’t be hard, I’m just having a very busy week.

Alright, fair enough. I just wanted to know if it would help relieve some of the work that would have to be done, but it sounds like it would be even more work just to pack it all up and send it.

Just another friendly bump so that this doesn’t get buried.

I’ve got the thread bookmarked. It would be helpful if you gave a specific list of what you want. It’s too much to sort through to find ‘all the cool stuff’ or something undefined.

I actually stated what models I was hoping to work with in this post earlier on in the thread, but I’ll re-organize it here real quick as a small list. Been meaning to do that over the last week, actually.

-Melee weapons in general (I intend to port all of the melee weapons, but I can’t remember what’s available in the game)

-Plate armor sets (Light platemail, regular plate, dark plate)

-Holy Warrior and Daemon Warrior helmets

-Black graduate uniform set

-Red prophet uniform set

-Aeon’s Armour set

-Peirate’s outfit set (weapons included, if possible)

Could you also port the chicken hat?

If dragbody is okay with finding that as well, then I could give it a shot, yeah. I just don’t want to ask for too much since I’m already asking for quite a bit with this request.

Just a small bump to keep this from getting buried.

Sorry to bump again so soon, but I just wanted to say that a friend let me install their copy of the game, so I’m going to attempt grabbing the models myself. I’ve already managed to grab a few of the models I was looking for, so this is pretty much done now.