Face bones help please!

I’m working on a project that needs face bones from the TF2 models. I know that face bones aren’t ‘bones’ in terms of joints in an armature, which is why they don’t ragdoll in Gmod and aren’t there in Blender. But obviously they do have face bones somewhere, or something that makes their face move. Can someone please tell me how I can get them to display, or load or whatever? I really need these models’ faces posable!!! Thanks for any help!!!

They are unposable.

Sorry, and they wont work either as its a hidden folder in it

Bugger. Well, thanks for the fast reply!! Is there any way I can work around it being hidden? I doubt it but I might as well ask :stuck_out_tongue:

Ugh…Ever heard of “face poser”.Its that tool that Garry put in there to pose faces!

They are called flexes.

Hmm I was going to be rude to you because you hadn’t read my OP but then I realised I hadn’t made it clear enough - I’m not looking for the face bones in Gmod, I’m needing them for some stuff I’m working on outside of Gmod and this forum is probably the best (and apparently, the fastest) place to get help on this sort of thing. In short, I want face bones to import into Blender with the rest of the skeleton :stuck_out_tongue: