Face Creation System in gmod

If you have no idea what the face creation system is, click here:http://wiki.blackmesasource.com/Face_Creation_System

With this, we could just customize a face in gmod by moving the sliders in the face poser window. This would be useful for making a screenshot that contains completely different characters instead of the characters with the usual faces of the City 17 citizens. I was thinking that this system should at least be made for another Enhanced Citizens pack. What do you guys think?

It looks cool.

Atleast when we play Black Mesa Source we won’t get nearly the same faces over and over again.

Interesting idea. It can be done easily in GMod as well.

Hm…that would be pretty awesome.

Not sure who would implement it though. But I support it.

It can be implemented in the same way as the BMS guys are doing it. It just takes a fairly massive load of work to implement.
It can be done though.

Interesting but how It’s gonna in gmod?


So it’s kind of like what Mass Effect and Oblivion/Fallout use? That’s cool.

It might be slightly more feasible when you consider you only need to create one face for each gender and then the rest is differing textures.

It could be done in faceposer but I don’t know if there would be conflicts between flexes.

it depends exactly how the flexes are done. It’s also entirely possible they use two systems. Either two on top of each others, or alternatively they might be using shapekeys to make base mesh mods and using a skeletal system for skeletal anims. Similar like unreal does for instance.

As to massive changes with flex system - mount and blade essentially toggles between a male and female mesh via flexes.

This could slightly improve the horrible playermodel situation in most RP servers.