Face, finger and eye posing on ragdolls?

Hey it’s me again. That annoying guy. I was just wondering. How on earth do you add face eye and finger options to a basic ragdoll? I got the whole ragdoll basic setup down, but I wanted to jazz up my work a bit. I wanted to add them to the Crash models. As well as some other packs I have in the works. How did you guys learn? What taught you? Also, I’ve tried making a player model like four times, and every time I DID get the animations, but the character look screwed up beyond belief. I don’t know what I did wrong. So yeah, any help is appreciated, and as always whatever I make will be given out with no questions asked when I feel it’s ready to be. Yes.

Either youtube or practice. Just fool around with them and eventually you will get better. Like every mother has ever said, practice makes perfect.

but if no one’s perfect why practice

practice makes mediocre.