Face Flexes not working on model?


Im not sure whether this belongs in the Garrysmod Discussion or the Models/Skins section, so I put it here. If this belongs somewhere else, could a moderator move it?

So, I decided to download a model pack from TnB, Taco 'N Banana. I replaced all of their physics with the Enhanced Citizens ones, but I’ve come across a terrible problem.

Many of them don’t have any face flexes.

I plan on using these models for a comic, but without facial expressions, it would be very difficult to do.

So how would I be able to add facial expressions, controlled via Face Poser, onto these models? I am still illiterate on this subject, so im not sure what to do and if “Face flexes” is even the right term to use.

Please help.


Thats about all you need to know, well all I used to learn