Face Modeling

Is there a way (and i apologize if i am blind and cant find it)
to just add a face to an already made character body?
I havent modeled before and i wanted to take a picture and just make it in 3ds max to appear as the characters face without haveing to do the extra work with an already made body.
thank you and i apologize if i didnt find it.

By face, I am assuming you mean the body part, as opposed to the modeling term. To get a face into a program, get the model that contains the face and make a copy of the file, name it something different, delete all vertices/faces(modeling term) of everything but the face(body part) that you need. save, open up the body you want, go to Merge/Import and click on the file you just made. Then just select the vertices of the face and move it to where you need it.

what if it is not from a model, but from some 2d pictures taken of different angles of the face?

Then no, you’d need to model the face yourself. Can’t magically make 2d stuff 3d.

Certain expensive setups can do it, you would need a laser grid and a high res SLR camera though, but in a less expensive note try http://www.sculptris.com

found this, using facemod. seems promising. anyone else used this?