Face Poser Acting Strangely

Lately my Face Poser Tool has not been functioning as it used to. Whenever I attempt to alter an expression, be it a mod, hl2 or tf2 model, many or all of the available alterations are condensed down into only one or a very few sliding scales. It has also set the default flex scale to 1.00, which now instantly forces the model to look like their face exploded, immediately upon selecting the target model with the toolgun.

I am unsure if there are other Tool issues concurrent with this one, but the Eye Poser, Finger Poser and No Collide appear to be working normally.

I suspect that the underlying problem is a mod, of which I have downloaded quite a few. I do not however have any idea as to which one could be the culprit, and disabling even one of them takes several minutes. I would prefer not to disable them all and turn them on again, one by one, until I find the problem.

If anyone with a more detailed understanding of GMod is familiar with this problem, or at least a more specific idea of what may be causing it, I would appreciate any assistance you can provide in fixing the problem quickly.

As you said, it’s probably a mod. Face poser is working fine on my end.
This is the danger of having a lot of mods. Unless you can think of which one could be causing the error, going through them manually is probably you’re only bet. You can use file explorer to search for the addons with the name ‘poser’ or what not in hopes of finding a face posing related addon.

I was afraid that would be the answer, but I had to try. I’ll continue to disable mods slowly, as I have been doing, hoping to eventually get lucky.

Thanks for getting back to me so fast though, I appreciate it.

No problem. As I said, you can search through steam and through the addons folder on your computer for keywords that would help you find a face posing related addon.