Face Poser Broken

Hey I have a problem with my face poser. When I click on a ragdolls head the orange circle does not go around its head and in the C menu there is no options for setting the face expression. 2 things I recently downloaded were Garry’s Bombs 3 and Wire Mod, could any of these be the problem

Help Please

no you’re addons could not be the problem, I have them too, and they did not conflict with face poser before the update. This is happening to me too however after the super duper Garry’s mod breaking update…

Didnt that also break dynamite, it explodes once then dissapears now

Delete framenet from your addons folder, that is if you downloaded MadCow’s sweps pack.

Thanks man that worked

That is a anti-minge thing so they can’t spawn dynamite and spam it and kill anyone at any moment

Wait, wouldn’t removing Framenet damage Mad Cow’s Weapons in any way online? I was pretty sure it was required for online play with the addon. Hopefully Conna or Worshipper can make some kind of a workaround or fix if this is the case.