Face Poser's Expression windows is fucked up

Hello everyone,
first of all, i’m french so i’m not realy good in english, but i will try to do my best,
second, i don’t know if i’m on the right place to post, if not, please say it to me or deplace my thread, thanks.

Recently, i try some face poser (sdk’s tools) in tf2 sniper model by following the maxofs2d tutorial. But, i can’t create anything in my expression windows (Right clic, New, i enter the name and press Ok like in the tutorial but nothing appear on the windows…) !
I realy don’t know why. I tried anything, nothing work…
And i got some strange insue too, when i right clic and clic on “Close all class”, all class close, but when i clic in the time line (choreography) and 3 class appear on my expression windows… Here is their name :

This 3 class are not the problem ! But maybe a symptom of the bug/problem/mitstake i’ve done.
Hope you guys will help me,
Best regard.