face posing on ragdolls

Can I pose any ragdolls face or can only certain game ragdolls be posed?

If the ragdoll has faceposing, then you can facepose it. Pretty much anything that’s build off of a source model(say for instace a skin of Heavy) can be faceposed. However for custom models, you must add the faceposing yourself(the person who modeled it), so some custom or ported models are faceposable,some are not,and some include the basic animations like “smile”, or “sad”.

Correction, most Valve source games can, I don’t believe that the models from DM M&M can be faceposed, and I don’t think the models from the ship can either

How do i make models I’ve downloaded face poseable?

You have to compile them, then open them in something like 3dsmax, then back it up and continue stretching and messing with the meshes and save it all together.

Got it. Thanks abunch. Not sure how to lock a thread but i suppose this one has no need to stay open now.