Face-Raping Tentacle Monster

Here’s my screenshot I made in about 15 Minutes, It’ my first screenshot ever! :q:


I don’t see any face-rape.

Great screenshot.

TBH I thought this was going to be a sexpose.

The tentacles are as long as Flatgrass FFS

npcs… dont use them

there posed ragdolls.

I literally expected some Tentacle monster raping people.

i dont see any faces getting raped

Good Lord, Fisher!

What kind of monster is that/what is it from?

Those guys on the bridge are rather obviously in the npc firing pose.

You want me to make a video showing that they are ragdoll’s posed?


Ok, I’ll get the link up ASAP.

Wow, you’re pretty fast.

Yeah uh, thank God you aren’t a japanese schoolgirl COUGH