Face Texture issue

I am getting an issue with my face texture on a reskined model of all my rebels.
I dont know if it is a texture issue or a model issue.
It happens on all the faces on my reskined model, accept for one and I dont know why.
Issue also happens on some default rebel.

Picture of the problem:

Fixed, I found a bad .vmt randomly located.

Open the texture with VTFEdit and untick all of the stuff on the left. Mainly anything that says clamp.

Don’t try to untick them in Photoshop, it won’t work. You need VTFEdit.

I did that, and it did not work.

Did you remember to save it?

Try just opening it on VTFedit again, then export it as a TGA, then re-import it back into VTFedit and save it back as VTF again.

That didn’t work.

Please, I need help

then you’re doing something wrong. Your VMT is probably still pointing to the old vtf.