Face to Face

Its my first Picture and it’s the first time I worked with Photoshop.

So I hope you like it:


Best regards,

Oh man improve the posing before ever thinking about editing.

Pretty much everything is bad

Best regards,

Maybe you could tell me how I can improve my posing, if you find it so bad. That would give me further help. Because it is, as I said, my first picture.

What the fuck do you want me to say? Move this arm 54° right then this gun 12cm forward? Your posing doesn’t look dynamic and realistic at all, find out how to make it more natural by yourself. Imitate the pose IRL.
Also fix the damn angle, it’s ugly. Get a better lighting, pick a better map to have a better background… and don’t ever sharpen your picture again. Like EVER.

Amazing muzzleflash and smoke.

This was the first and last time that I’ve posted something here. Instead of helping me, I will be here treated unkindly. How can I improve my work with such comments? I expected more and I am very disappointed.

Have a nice day.

We told you what was wrong and gave you advice and you turn your head and whine

Best regards,
tehMuffinMan (Incase you didn’t know it was me posting)

Because what I just said isn’t useful? I just wasted 5 minutes of my life finding the problems in your picture and pointing them out to you so you can improve and you’re still not happy.
In this case goodbye.

Oh boy, I wish it would be 2007 and you’d be posting this to PHW to get some real “fuck you” criticism.
You’d probably kill yourself.

What bubbagamer said is really useful. I don’t even see how you can be offended by it.

Yes okay, I confess. I overreacted and apologize for it. You know, this is the first picture that I upload here and I was very nervous. And the way you have told me, brought me out of the Constitution. But I don’t want to start a conflict.

Heh, I feel foolish now, and I see a what I did wrong. I’m very sorry, trust me. I will do my best and we’ll see what happens.

I wish you a beautiful day

Please dont sign your posts.

No need to be sorry, just keep posting, we’ll give you the keys to improvement. Also yeah we’re just a bunch of pal so no need to be formal and all.

Huh, basically what weenurs said, don’t use sharpen unless you really need to, which should be very rarely. Improve the posing and the muzzle flash and smoke. If you can, try adding blood.

Good luck, Smoke

Okay I will try it. Thank you a lot :slight_smile:

i like the pixie dust coming out of the gun

makes me feel like getting high

I like the fact that it looks nothing like pixie dust or dust of any kind for that matter.
And I also like the way some people like to advertize their drug use as if everyone gave a rat’s ass.

Fuck yeah I love newbies.

The ingame sharpen effect is something you should really stay away from. I’ve seen maybe one or two pictures where it worked, but on the whole it looks terrible and can easily ruin even a perfectly fine picture. Other than that, work on your posing, composition and angle especially before you venture into editing. If you try to work on them all at once you’ll end up being mediocre at everything, but good at nothing.

No faceposing on the soldier.
Looks very strange for a guy that was gonna be eaten by a zombie.