Face_Punch kick/ban my own server

i recently bought a server for rust and am currently banned from getting on it how can i change this because its really annoying paying for a server that i cant even get on lol

Did you ban yourself?
Are you cheatpunch banned?
Are you VAC banned?

im currently cheatpunch banned and idk how

well dont cheat then
you have to buy the game again on a new steam acct

I’m sure you don’t know that your ESP/Lighthack results in a perma-ban. Get outta here.

yea i never did i updated my server went back on it and i was banned but thanks for the help

What a moron, buys his own server, enables cheatpunch and cheats on his server. What a fucking twat.

i hardly ever play but now i damn sure cant and on my own server wtf

considering light hack attaches itself to the game + is so obviously not gamma I have no idea how so many people fall ‘victim’ to cheat punch because of it

hey lets not be too harsh now

wow yall are dicks on this forum how many times do i have to say ive never cheated idk how and why would i with god mode on and shit u fucking retards

Yeah, exactly, so why did you?

post your steamid in this thread, garry may look into it.


Ladies and Gentleman, the reason why the Rust section had a bad name. If anyone is a twat here, it’s you, everyone else has at least tried to help.

You just became one of them. :v:

You call people retards when you failed to make a sentence that makes sense and with a ton of spelling mistakes.
Also its the internet so… Welcome to the internet! Retard.

Just the Rust forums.

Just disable Cheatpunch on your server?

Using logic? PFFfffff, ridiculous.

I guess it’s a bit too complicated of a solutions, yes.

change how long the characters in your server like from 1 - 30 also set it to allow strange characters and symbols to your name so u wont get banned

its happen to some people i know just trying to help :stuck_out_tongue: