FaceBook Fan Page / Advertisement for Rust!

ADMINS: If this is not allowed by a member of the community, please remove the post and let me know via PM I could not find any information in the rules stating this would be a bad idea.

Idea: I want to make a Facebook ‘like’ page for Rust, as the game is gaining some popularity lately with YouTubers posting videos.
The page will revolve around Rust information, much like the forums but we will only use OFFICIAL information that has been posted by Administrators or Moderators.
We would NOT condone asking for beta keys (Just like here)
Yes I know people can get their information off this website, but some people would like to have new or current information pop up in their news feed on Facebook; Mainly because a lot of people use Facebook everyday, most of the day.

What we will need: Active members/staff from the forums here to help administrate and spread information of Rust
Members willing to help with questions and whatnot, as to not clog the forums.

Link to page: https://www.facebook.com/RustMMO

Sounds interesting.

Thank you for your feedback, I have added the link to the page and I’m hoping the staff of FacePunch Studios will back this idea.
I do not feel it is harmful for the community, if anything it is just another outlet for Rust players/fans to easily find information on a website they use daily.

It’s too early to do advertisements when the game isn’t even out of alpha. Will just give more unwanted publicity, the game will get hyped and ran into the ground before even out.

@Confuzzed Otto I don’t believe it would be giving it anymore hype then say PsiSyndicate or SeaNanners? Considering the page wont be monetarily advertised it would be accessible by members of this forum, which already obviously know about the game itself.

Still, if there’d be a Facebook page I think it’d be better if one of the devs made it.

Considering the game is in early alpha, they are most likely VERY busy.
The page is going to be run by fans/staff of the forums and is more like a fan page then a official one.

If the devs don’t have a facebook page as a priority then some random schmuck shouldn’t make one, IMO

You guys are just hating because you didn’t do it first.

Oh yes
Who wouldn’t want to spend their day advertising someone else’s product for free?

Maybe people that like the concept of the game, or just want to contribute ?

He wasn’t saying it like that, he was saying that it’s not really something people do for fun.

He also failed to notice the “n’t” after “would.”

I’m doing it just to support the game. I love the concept and its something for me to do, could be helpful to the community. Didn’t expect such negative feedback. Not like we’re offering free beta keys lmfao

Just a heads up, this place isn’t too friendly, so take little steps.

There is no need to be like that :confused:

But I have to agree with Otto. Not now, once the game moves forward and the doors are opened to the public then thats different but not now

Agreed, Facepunchstudios (ie garry/helk) should be the one to make this when the time comes, not “some random schmuck” (no offense, but they would probably like to edit it with ease).

A Facebook page would just cause unwanted attention that we are already getting, and it would be 100% an outlet to let people spam about “WARES BETA KEYS?!?!?!?”. If FacePunch wanted to be more public, then they would be more public.

Now its going to be full of 10-12 year olds who use facebook.

I appreciate feedback, but I will continue to run the fan page until instructed otherwise by staff/devs of FacePunch Studios