(User was banned for this post ("undescriptive thread title" - postal))


Or, ya know you can use steam where you wont get to see real life info about people.

Tryhard, how is this a scam? I’m letting them use my alternative account, unless they got one, so we can team? You’re retarded as hell kid, recommend getting checked.

So, you just joined, are trying to get people to use Facebook to contact you and you’re calling us retarded. Just use Steam for fucks sake

Liem please calm down you will make him leave :’(

Seems like a nice dude :slight_smile: Can we be friends on farmville as well?


Hell, if you’re being serious, I’m up for it, but you gotta add me on Car Town, and Weed Farm also,… :o

This isn’t a good place to post your personal facebook page. I’d remove the link before somebody starts sending messages to people you know and shit

what the hell is this

Why not just PM on this forum. Why do you want facebook.