FaceGen: Epic, just epic.

What is it?

FaceGen is a face modelling program, with it, you can easily create 3D human faces, either randomly by messing around with the settings, or from a photograph. Ever wanted to see a female version of yourself? Old? Asian? Black? FaceGen also allows you to adjust age, race, gender and many other controls.

Here’s a quick overview of what you can do with FaceGen:

You can also export your stuff to 3dsmax, so you can add it to your ragdolls and shit like that.

Here’s some examples of shit I’ve done with the trial version.

Nathan Fillion.

Summer Glau.

Yeah, I tried to do the Firefly cast but I got lazy.

Both models are around 1800 polies.

Looks pretty cool, I’ll try it. Nathan looks kinda like Breen.

How limited is the trail version?

It’s not limited, but it can’t export to other formats, and every face you make will have the “SI” logo printed in their foreheads.

That’s fucking retarded


Here we go again. Another so-called easy do-it-yourself program for talentless hacks. What’s wrong with Facegen? I’ll tell you what’s wrong.

First, all the heads you generate with it are basically all the same with small differences. Just look at those heads provided. If you remove the texture those heads will be almost the same, except with the woman having a smaller chin and wider cheek bones. The way to find out if you have a good model is to see if it resembles the character with no textures, just one color. Take away the textures from those models and you won’t be able to tell who that is.

Second, Facegen generates really bad UVs that are awkward and stretched, making texture work needlessly difficult.

Third, Facegen models don’t have round eyeballs but rather distorted planes where the eyeballs should be. Again, more custom work needs to be done to get eyes right.

Fourth, the ears all look the same and have bad topology. There’s no definition on any critical facial features like chin, jaw, nose, eyebrow ridges, ears, forehead, and so on. All necks are basically the same cylinders whether you have a young female or a large bodybuilder. The underlying muscles of the face are only hinted at and not really defined.

Of course, it all looks very impressive to an amateur but if you’re going to have to do so much extra work you might as well not bother. I’m not trying to rain on your parade but I just tell it like it is.

Good to know.

Looks like it’s straight from Oblivion.

Oblivion uses FaceGen, as far as I remember. That’s the main reason porting characters is so difficult.

I thought this was cool at first, but yeah… pretty much everything GordoFremen said.

Yeah it’s pretty shit.

You might as well use MakeHuman. Same problems, what with the minimal variation, but it does the whole body. And it’s free.

I know it’s not the best fucking thing in the world, but hey, it’s good for lazy fucks like me.

It’s like, zero effort. The model’s flaws can be fixed with 3dsmax as well, such as adding proper eyeballs and adding extra details.

Then again, I might like it because I’m a talentless hoe who likes doing things the easy way.

What have I done! :doh:

Though I agree with the rest of your statements, this is a very weak and poor argument, cause I’m pretty sure if I cut the skin of two random people’s faces no one could tell the difference either. And for all the shit you throw on this; it’s still WAY better then seeing Male_09’s and Female_02’s head for the 10 billionth time.

First, I’m not talking about SKIN- I’m talking about TEXTURE. If your best friend came in with no texture would you be able to tell who they are? Yes, you would. It is in fact the strongest argument and here’s evidence. The following models have no texture- can you figure out who they are?




But with Facegen you can’t. I rest my case.

Gordo is like the 3D Guru around these parts :v:

I think he might have migrated from Polycount to smite us with his power.

Gordo’s models are damn impressive, however I would like to see what people come up with using this program.

Well I used this program and here are some “epic” results.


Have fun identifying them all.