Faceposable Black Ops Heads Resource

**This is just a resource. Not a compiled model. It includes the ******SOURCE FILES to use for hacks!!!

So yeah i decided to do some practice and make fully faceposable Black Ops heads. Includes all the flexes the citizens have and for the males a couple shape sliders. These are by no means perfect but i figured someone could use them since they aren’t half bad. Also the females were decided on last minute so they aren’t quite up to par with the males but still usable.

There are 12 Male skins and 4 Female.

**Download: **http://www.mediafire.com/?p6hor64k7vdt1i6

good BMS replacement :v:

girls look good

“Activate Windows”

These are pretty nice and decent.

good shit

Found a problem with the females jaw_drop and fix it. Reuploaded