Faceposable Common Infected?

Well everybody knows that the Common Infected ported with gm_mount² dont have face posing, in the original L4D they were able to switch between the standard and enraged variant though.
Anybody ever tried(or plans on doing it) enabling it again?

Heres an example of what they look like with face posing: Example Picture

And thats what they look like in Garrys Mod: Example Picture
Doesnt really look like a raging zombie horde eh?

So Im asking you Facepunch, is anybody able to turn face posing back on on those models?

I wholeheartidly support this 100%.
I’m getting tired of making pics with emotionless hordes of zombehs.

Another thing is to fix the issue with the lagging.

There is no lagging with gm_mount²

Those aren’t face flexes. Valve rigged parts of the face to bones and made animations.

I don’t think they decompile properly, so it’s kind of a big under taking (no pun intended). I’m pretty sure someone would have to re-rig+weight all the models in addition to making flexes for them.

They decompile properly.

Hm maybe I should undertake such a thing.

This is a great idea, I support.

Oh god damn.
And theres no way we could change them to face flexes?

yeah, I think the problem is the different bone structure. Same thing with tf2 ragdolls thats why sometimes the faces dont turn out the way you want them to be.

Wasnt there some model pack on gmod org that made them face posable?

Basically we could create new flex files using the face bones to create morph target. Thus takes time and im too lazy to do it.

So it wouldnt be an impossible thing to do?

Its possible, just takes to much damn time.

Where are the non shiny infected? gm_mount makes them shiny for me…

How many different faces are there?

Who do I have to pay inorder for everyone to get these babies faceposable? :v:
Gawd I’ve waited forever for someone to do this.

Nobody wants to do this? Not even for money?

Yeah my previous comment is true. I’ll give someone cash to do it for everyone lol. I have been waiting three years for this to happen. :v:
But only cause I made some spare cash from DA.