Faceposer animation doesn't play when Source Recorder running

This is kind of a weird question.

I created an animation in Faceposer. I copied the scene (VCD) file and the sounds into the Garry’s Mod directory (the scenes folder and the sounds folder).

To make an NPC play the animation, I point at it and type ent_fire !picker setexpressionoverride scenes\myscene.vcd.

This works perfectly by itself. The NPC has all the expressions and gestures that are in the animation. That is as long as I’m not recording it with Source Recorder.

When I do have Source Recorder running though, a few of the gestures are either missing or are mixed up. The NPC still talks and animates, but some animations like nodding its head are missing. A couple other animations like clasping its hands are replaced by some other animation.

Basically, Source Recorder screws my Faceposer scene up in Garry’s Mod. It seems I have to use Fraps now to record this thing. :ohdear: