Faceposer error

i cant use faceposer i just click and no ring comes an i cant do anything with it so please help me

Feceposer? Like shit?

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I have that problem too

You can pose poo now?

(User was banned for this post ("Unhelpful reply" - Benji))

Right now? No I don’t think I can do it.

Some faces aren’t posable.

And you need to right-click to get the ring to appear

but no ragdolls are posable :frowning:

and i right click

right click?

This happens to me too, I think the first time it happened was when i downloaded mad cows weps 2.0 But im not sure. I barely use it anyway.

It’s Mad Cows Weapons 2.0 and Framenet of it. Download the latest pack and problem is gone. If you have it.



ok i think it happend when i downloaded 2.0 but not im sure

And i have it to when i downloaded “Mad Cows”

i deleted mad cows weps 2.0 but cant use it :confused: