Faceposer Head/Face movement problem.

Hi everyone.

I’ve started using source SDK to make custom animations that I can run in Gmod. I then export the .vcd files into the “scenes” folder in the garrysmod directory and I use the NPC scene tool to play the animations ingame:


The process works, for the most part. Body movements are correct and the lipsyncing works too. The only problem is that the head doesn’t move and facial expressions aren’t occuring. Even the sliders to make the mouth part for smiling/frowning aren’t being expressed. I thought it might be possible that the /vcd file is trying to access a corresponding “scene” file but i’m not sure. It must be something specifically wrong with the expressions since the rest of the bodily movements are fine.

Any help would be great.

Anyone? Anyone at all???

Wow great response…

Yes. Don’t use that addon, it fucks up the flex animations.

Use this console command instead:

ent_fire !picker setexpressionoverride scenes/example.vcd

(Just look at the NPC you want to perform the scene, then enter that in console, and you’re done.)