Faceposer not faceposing

I’ve just finishing installing the L4D1 and L4D2 models to make a scene, and when I tried to facepose them, the orange circle didn’t appear around them. It didn’t work in any ragdolls. And thats strange, I just faceposed a Barney ragdoll 2 hours ago.

Whats going on?

this is happening to me too…

I can’t facepose the Engineer only,

I discovered. Theres an addon on Mad Cows pack that disables that feature. Its called framenet.

I discovered it about three days ago. Yep, framenet is useless if you are not hosting with Mad Cows Weapons. Just delete it.

what if I’m hosting a Hamachi server? Will that fail up Mad Cow’s guns if I delete framenet?

Yes. If youre hosting, use it.