Faceposer Not Lip Syncing Correctly.

Im trying to get an actor to lip sync, so i click re-extract at the bottom, it says its successful, so i right-click and commit extraction, but when i play it back, the actors lips don’t move. Did i do something wrong or did the new update break this?


The audio was compressed in a .wav at 22050Hz and 32bit.

Audio format should be 44100 Hz and 16bit PCM

(WAVs aren’t compressed by nature)

Alright, re-compressing…


Nope, the model is still not doing anything, the phonemes match fine and i see them following, but the actor does nothing.

Are you sure you saved the file in the Phoneme Editor? (IIRC it matters)

Anyway, I would never ever recommend using the automated extracter, it tends to mess up things — A LOT.

The only thing it’s useful for is automatically positioning the words (if it can do that correctly…) — you’re better off doing the phonemes yourself. I know the MS API can spam Faceposer with data it won’t even recognize (the infamous Phoneme 0), which causes most of the problems.

The problem isnt really that the phonemes aren’t correct, its that they aren’t even displaying on the actor, the phonemes are there, but when i play them nothing happens (i have tried editing them manually)

If you edit phonemes manually, don’t do it over an automated extraction

Alright i decided to manually add phonemes using windows 7, (i used this guide: http://www.moddb.com/engines/source/tutorials/intro-to-manual-lip-syncing-in-faceposer) but when i add the phonemes to the word, the phonemes appear, but the character still does nothing when the green time-coder comes across it.

is it happening only on that specific model

Make sure you don’t get boobywiggles on your model either.

you may have to reset the phonemes? (which I do not know how to do but my last faceposer problem was fixed by doing so)

Men don’t have those types of boobies, its been proven.


i just tried all the models i could find (that have lips of course) none work.