Faceposer Phoneme Editor

I am replicating a scene from a movie, using Garry’s mod. So I got the whole two minute conversation into .wav file. I imported into Faceposer, then I want to re-extract only selected audio, is that possible? Because when I select what I want to re-extract it just does the whole audio and ignores my selection.
Thank you

Use Audacity. Get just them talking. Split the 2 minute clip up into like 10 second clips. Background noise will fuck up reextracting.

You can have more than one wav file in a choreography scene.

Then do either:

(If you have XP) Re extracting will work fine

If not, http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=971428

9 Threads below yours.

Alright what bothers me though, that there are two people talking, so my guess would be is to divide the whole thing and delete the other guys speech?

No just split it up into their sentences or something

Yeah, I did what you said and came out pretty good. One thing though is that every time i go into Gmod, get my NPC scene and load up the scene it doesnt play. I can’t figure out why… any suggestions?

don’t use the NPC scene tool


it sucks

use concommands like a MAN.

Mind explaining more about it? I am new to this, its tough enough learning Faceposer but putting in Garry’s mod is another story.