Faceposer Scene Problems. Please Help!

Hello Facepunch. I am attempting to make and export unique animations from 3DSMax 2011 (Yes I have exported as an .SMD and they successfully play in Model Viewer the way I would like them to play in Garry’s Mod.

Right, now here is the problem… Whenever I create a Faceposer scene and put it in my scenes folder I then go to Gmod (13) to play it. I use the S.E.M.M (Source Engine Movie Making) Addon which contains the actor manager LUA Script which you can easily create actors and play back scenes. Whenever I do this It gives me the error:

Here it is in *action

Can anybody Help? Thanks for reading!

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Sorry for such a badly written post I was in a rush…

Um…bump? I really need help!! Thanks again…