Faceposer stopped working.

So well, My gmod has been fine for the past 1/2 year, but today I noticed that my faceposer tool refuses to load.

More detailed description of this will be:

When I select the tool the tool’s properties (Values for the poser etc.) don’t show up at all, I only see the name of the tool and that’s it. When I select a ragdoll I don’t see the yellow circle around the face (All models) and get no options/values at all. Still I can apply the set values to the faces. The problem is I can’t set them.
I have the same problem with Eye poser, the green lines/options/properties won’t show up.

Please help me as I love posing and am kinda stuck right now.

(I’ll post a screenie if necessary)

Hmm. Do you have Mad Cows weapons V2? If so, it’s the framenet folder what causes this. Delete it and your faceposer should work again. I had same problem.

I just installed this yes, Going to try.
If this works I :love: you.
I was at the point of reinstalling gmod.

Oh now i start blushing. :blush: :xd: I’m pretty sure it works. But if you delete framenet, you can’t use those SWEPS very well when playing multiplayer… but you get your faceposer back.

Heck I never use sweps in multiplayer anyway :v:

Thanks it worked! Now I can make more silly poses and post em :science:

It was nice to help you. :smile: