Faceposer TF2 models problem

As far as I know, I’ve done everything right. But my faceposer will not change the expression of my tf2 models at all. No matter where I move the slider this happens. My other models’ faces will change, but tf2 models wont. I’ve reinstalled twice and this problem still persists. Am I missing something obvious?

Faceposer doesnt work with them.

for me it works with everyone but the engie.

Works fine for me too, you must be doing it wrong. Don’t use the presets.

it works for me but if its anything past 0.30 on the expression scale(which is minute) then the face goes absoloutely insane, splits itself apart and goes symetrical and stuff, pretty unnerving when your posing at 3 Am.

The Engineer should work fine. The ring doesn’t appear around his face, but you can still facepose him.

Just don’t use presets.

I’m not using presets. None of the sliders are doing anything when I move them, and it’s a pain. Mashing random expression doesn’t work, moving sliders one by one doesn’t work, presets don’t work. Nothing.

Argh. Nobody?

Same problem here!

3rd September 2009

24th April 2010

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