Faceposer - The heavy's face won't flex ingame

So yesterday I made my first custom animation for TF2, it’s really simple but I just wanted to learn how to compile and get it ingame. The animation works great and I used it in faceposer. I wanted the heavy to look sad so I decided to flex his face. It worked just fine in faceposer but ingame his eyebrows won’t move. His mouth works just fine but any other part on his face remains static.

Here is the animation.

So any idea on how to fix this or something because as you may have noticed, he doesn’t look very concerned about the fact that he just dropped his gun into the water.
I think it has something to do with the fact that it’s a multiplayer game and I am basically forcing a “player” (the bot I used counts as a player) to play the scene that I want or something. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Its probberly to do with the .vta files never decompiling correctly (for anything), due to the way they are set up, though I have no idea how you’d fix it (short of re-doing the flexes yourself).

It seems TF2 is forced to use face/expression rules set by some configuration file. Perhaps, it doesn’t even support actors to play *.VCDs like HL2, but only use Valve’s in certain scenes (i.e. killcam moments). Do you know any other person who got it work in game?

He’s using the source files provided by Valve.

I can’t find the source files, I found a model but it wasn’t heavy it was some DoD character


thanks heheheh

My friend that also tried animation for source (we learned the process togheter) told me that his characters facepose propertly, maybe it was something that I did wrong. Not sure, he’s a lot more experienced with faceposer so I might have done something wrong.

One thing is for sure though, we both broke a lot of animations in TF2. :v: (Taunts etc)
Gonna have to varify the cache later.