Faceposer vista / 7 fix!

There is a god.

(This is not my video, I’m just uploading it here for helpfulness.)

Just manual do it.
1: better quality
2: less flukes
3: can work with more local accents.

I’m a little confused on this fix, currently I have windows 7 64 bit and I can get faceposer to work with custom recorded audio. Does this fix only effect people that are having a hard time. Or will it make it easier for everybody on Vista/7.

However, if you’re in my position where you have over 100 lines of dialogue to facepose it’s much easier and 200% more efficient. Plus, did you actually watch the video? It lip-syncs perfectly to me from the test we saw.

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For Vista/7 users like me, phonemes did NOT work automatically, you had to manually add and resize each phoneme in order to lip-sync the lines. It does it automatically now.

Fuck that. Like seriously, doing acouple important lines is cool and all, but doing over a hundred? Helllll naw. You can even auto extract then go over it, but doing it phoneme for phoneme is a waste of time.

1: hey faolco1
2: boo-hoo you gotta do work if you want quality.
thats usually how things work.
More time spent=more quality produced.

Let’s not turn this into a dick measuring contest. If you want to spend acouple days extracting your hundreds of voice files properly instead of doing them automatically and then checking them, be my guest, it isn’t my movie. What you should be doing is spending time on your camera angles, which are extremely dry.
But hey, that’s just my opinion.

So you’re saying that Basic Instinct 2, which took ten years to make, was a good movie?
So you’re saying that Dune was a good movie?

That statement is so wrong it’s disgusting.

well if you put a lot of time in making a movie and don’t get quality, then chances are you yanked your dick too much on some things.

I can’t get the SDK gadget to work. Whenever I launch one of the tools it just says “can’t find steam app user info”.

Or just do it automatically, then correct all the errors manually.

Did you configure it correctly?

Yeah… my path is C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps*my Steam ID*\garrysmod\garrysmod… that works perfectly for me.

Why would someone want to put that much effort into an internet video…

Yeah that’s what I have too, doesn’t work. I’ve tried it with the episode 2 folder and the left 4 dead folder as well. Still the same error.

I don’t know, thats why I don’t bother with internet videos anymore.
Waste of time IN MY OWN OPINION
but I know people like max spends weeks to months on doing detailed work.

Don’t get too picky on quality or else you won’t ever get anything done in time

Fix worked perfectly. :slight_smile:

This isn’t working in win7 64 bit, you have to manually add phonemes. Which is a B

I personally re-extract and set it to OO OO OO OO OO over and over so i have plenty of spaces to add phonemes to.

May I remind you of Avatar?

Its more quicker to use phoneme editor; you may lose some quailty and pinpoint mouth movements but unless you are doing an EXTREME CLOSE UP WOOOOAAAHHHHHH you’ll hardly notice things like missing out an “s”