Faceposing and other issues

Hi i have some problems.

1When I try to face-pose a TF2 rangdoll. I get a completely destroyed face. Also I saw in some youtube movies that the characters faces-poses change automatically how they do that ?

2Also i have a problem with my stargate when its active i don’t see the water event horizon stuff i only see a black color.

3And when i try to record something with Fraps its laggs a bit, especially when I’m filming far away. Is there a better program to record without any complications or I simply need a better PC ?

Sry for bad grammar… hehe.

PC specs.
And TF2 face posing is hard.

  1. Don’t use the preset faceposer buttons for TF2 ragdolls, they use different musclegroups to the HL2 models

And 3) Open the console, type “record [FILENAME]” (replace [FILENAME] with whatever you want and do whatever it is you want recorded. Once done, open the console again and type “stop”.

Then, disconnect and return to the main menu, type in “playdemo [FILENAME]” in the console, and when it gets to the bit you want, open the console and type “recordmovie avi [FILENAME]” it will lag like hell, but the finished product won’t. Once you’re recorded what you want, type “stop” in the console again, close the game and go to your Gmod folder to get your lag-free video. :smiley:

Thaank you very much corky !

bumping because I can’t find the info anywhere for number 1:

I’m using the face poser tool built into GMod to create expressions. I can’t find the info anywhere on how to assign buttons or cycle through preset faces.