Faceposing Contest!

Hey, this thread is for posting screenshots showing off your ragdoll faceposing skillz.

The map doesn’t matter, but the faces must be good, and NO TF2 FACESPAZ IMAGES.

My contributions:




Terrible. If you want to make a contest, at least, do it properly. Not just “this is a faceposing context, here are mah contributions”. Also, there are far too much contests for the moment, just wait for 'em to finish.

Edit : rating me Bad Spelling will not change anything.

If you’re gonna make a avatar. make one properly.


but I totally agree in what you said, fosho nig…


Did i win?


Wut is wrong with my avatar ? D:
Mah face is just badass. :v:

You haven’t won yet!


So, you are participating in your own contest?

How is that not a TF2 Facespaz?

OP, your being a hypcrite, you siad no TF2 fFaceposing and yet you do them anyway.



That reminded me, how do you get the eyes to look into opposite directions?

click on his eyes, then his nose

No, I mean opposite directions, like that he/she would have downs syndrome.

click on the eyes and then hes eyes again

Oh, ok. Thanks.


ahahahaaha why do i remember this

Wow. Winner.

Wrong, get inside his head and right click.