Faceposing in Windows Vista

There’s a faceposing tutorial video on machinima.com, in which it is claimed that Faceposing in Source SDK doesn’t work in Windows Vista. Is this correct?

I ask, because I’m interested in learning to facepose for machinima-making… but I’m running WinVista.

As far as i know, it works in Vista. I didn’t have any problems with the SDK when on Vista.

The auto extraction doesn’t work in Windows Vista/7. I really wish Valve would fix it now that alot of people are moving to 7.

It works just you will have to do it manually frame by frame

It works, but it can’t automatically create lips syncs. You have to do it manually, but this is good because it usually ends up looking better.

Uh, it takes too long in my opinion. I wish Valve would release a god damn fix.

I have Vista, everything but the automatic pose works correctly.