Faceposing problems

Hello there, I’m hax0rvash, and I’m new to Garry’s Mod and to this website.

I had discovered the face poser in source sdk and fiddled around with it a bit on the heavy, creating an over exaggerated face. I then hit “Expression -> New”
I saved it under the Phenomes Strong folder (Or whatever it’s called) as “Happy”

I went into Garry’s Mod and tried posing the face. It aparently set the default as “Happy” and all my faces for all my Tf2 characters are completely ruined, with pixelated messes for faces…

I’ve tried re-installing the game multiple times, but to no avail…

Can someone help me? It’s getting really stressful with the inability to do anything with my TF2 faces…

the tf2 ragdolls are very sensitive to the faceposer compared to other ones. try backing off the sliders a bit

it’s not like that.
Almost anything I do instantly jumps it to that height… I think it’s a different problem


The preset faces jump into insanity quickly also…

Am I just crazy or something? O.o

Is it normal?

happened to me and still does. Just put the very top slider, the one that determines how extreme the expression is, to 0.06. this works for me, and yes, it can get pretty wild if your not careful.

Ok, so you’re saying my screwing around has nothing to do with it? Cool.

Thank you very much! :smiley:

You’re a lifesaver, Both of you!